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The Royal Wedding Day

Such a feel good factor on the 29th April 11. The future king was getting married she was clearly to the love of his life and the whole world was celebrating.

We sat in our lounges with guests and staff to watch. I think the most talked about thing was the dress. I did notice that after the reveal nearly everyone got up and went about their day. I was just a splendid occassion enjoyed by millions I thouroughly enjoyed the day.

Our little celebration was at my sisters street party in Heslington village. With lots of Cava and Rioja

It was really weird. 1niece in new York was watching very early in the morning. The other was watching from Perth in the evening.


The New Walk. The Tree lined Riverside Walk that goes right through York City Centre

New Walk

Having lived here all my life, @yorkpriory  I cannot believe how blessed we are to have such a gorgeous riverside walk, that leads right into the heart of the city.  I walk down here almost every day (if not in flood)  with my dogs.

New Walk is a tree lined promenade created in the 18th century for the Georgeians to stroll on.

Although not all New Walk the riverside path has extended from The Millennium Bridge right through the city and out the other side as far as the Clifton bridge. it is approximately 3 miles then continues to further more rural areas of shipton and Beningbrough. On the south side if you so wish you could walk to Selby via the cycle path. The area I’m referring to is a fully tarmacked and cycle friendly too . Considering its short length through the city gives an interesting insight into the size of York.

If I leave the York Priory and walk down Grange Garth or New Walk Terrace, there are steps at the bottom of the road that lead onto the riverside. If I turn right I can walk into the city in about 10 – 15 minutes. Go over

                                   The Blue Bridge

And then walk along a bit further until You walk under the

Skeldergate Bridge

After you’ve come out of the ‘otherside’, There it is ! On your right hand side, in all its splendid glory

Cliffords Tower

So for the magnificent Castle Museum or The Jorvik Viking Centre or Shambles walk up to the main road from here, alternatively stroll along to the next bridge for


Ouse Bridge

Just before it is the Kings Arms pub. Famous for going under water in the floods. Flooding incidentally has always occurred in York. The city was built around the Ouse. When the river breaks its banks (which happens often) it usually cases little disruption, however! Sometimes when the weather has been particularly bad and a clash of all natures elements occur at once, the Ouse can flood fiercely and be a spectacular sight to see albeit deadly and distributive if not respected. York invariably continues about its daily business and deals with it in the usual way as we have become accustomed too.
Just before The Kings Arms Is one of my favourite little gems ‘Plonkers Wine Bar’ There is nothing quiet like sitting buy the river enjoying a drink and a meal in the summer or walk up Cumberland Street to find the Bar itself.  They are dog friendly inside and out and the food is a real treat. Even better they are open until 2am with a taxi rank next door.
So that is the New Walk from the York Priory to the city. Now if I walk down Grange Garth again and turn left at the bottom of the stairs, I can walk and walk and walk, should I so wish. On my way is

The Pikeing Well

Pikeing well is a grade II listed building. Circa 1752

I never tire of the seasonal beauty, the constant and evolving landscape not to mention the hive of activity that goes on down here 

I can access the #racecourse within 20mins walk over the millennium bridge

The Millenium Bridge

Pam and the Ginormous Burger



It happened at the Christmas staff party last year. It was a whole mixed grill wrapped up in a burger bun. It took Pam 4 days to eat it -  at every meal.

This meal was served at the Deramore Arms Heslington Village York.  The only place I know that serves such kind of burger.

Anyone know any different?

Foodies of York Event 16th June 2010

Dates for York Food Festival Event

My sister Pam and I went to the Merchant Adventurers Hall on Wednesday 16th June for a local food/drink networking event. There were several local businesses with samples of their produce. I think my favourite had to be the homemade chocolates… so unusual. eg Yorkshire Curd or Blackcurrant. The creator is Little Pretty Things and well worth taking some of her chocolates home with you. They also do chocolate workshops and partys etc visit her website here http://www.littleprettything.co.uk/about-us/contact-little-pretty-things

York Brewery also had a stall there. Take a tour of the brewery and sample some of their beers. Pam and I were driving, so sadley we had to decline 🙁

The Yorkhire Food Company is situated on Micklegate Hill just around the corner from The York Brewery. It has a small coffee shop style area where you can buy a freshly prepared meal, it also has a deli serving locally sourced produce. Pam and I often go here just for a coffee and a cake. Its a nice place to relax especially after the Brewery Tour. Thy had a selection of different flavoured sausages I think my favourite had to be the pork and black pudding.

The cheese stall had a selection of local cheeses. My favourite was the Yorkshire Blue. OMG it was so delicous I shall be treating myself the next time I visit there.
www.deliyork.co.uk. Interestingly they offer picnics to go if you need

Another interesting thing to do whilst in York is take some lessons at The Cooking Rooms. http://www.thecookingrooms.com/

Russ keeps telling me I need some lessons so perhaps this might be on my Christams list. Ill keep you posted